2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul in Cobra Burst

I get asked about this guitar a LOT. It's a 2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul in Cobra Burst finish, bought used (in mint condition) as an extremely cool gift from my friend KC Porter. Some people are like 'Why a semi-hollow Les Paul?' to which I say 'Are you kidding me??' So I put a Bigsby vibrato on it (adding to the sacrilege!) and replaced some of the peachy-colored plastic parts with more vintage-tinged ones from Cream Tone. This guitar was made in the recently shut down Memphis factory, adding an air of sentimentality to it. Pickups are original Gibson MHS (Memphis Historic Spec) humbuckers, apparently tweaked a bit to sound great in semi-hollow guitars, and boy do they ever. The neck pickup in particular is to die for. I think this is one of the coolest looking latter-year Gibson finishes. If you can find one... snap it up!

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