Why pretend? We musicians love the tools of our trade, and I'm no exception (to put it mildly). I do dig my guitars, amps, pedals, synths, software etc... and I'm blessed to work with some of the baddest names in the biz. This is the page where we indulge and geek out. Normal people, you have been warned!

I use G&L guitars, RME Audio interfaces, Mesa/Boogie amps, and effects by Line 6, Chase Bliss Audio, West Co Pedals, BBE and more. I also have some great guitars by Gibson, Paul Reed Smith and Danelectro. My main software platforms are Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Reason.

Watch my video about Line 6 Helix 3.0

As a longtime Line 6 artist and Helix user, I always get a lot of value from their constant free updates to the platform. I recently made this video about firmware 3.0, and though I only touched on the amp…

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Colonel Sanders, The Mighty Mark V

Behold the Mighty Mesa Boogie Mark V! I used to rent these for sessions and always wanted one of my own, so when the chance came I went all the way... custom cream bronco, with the classic Boogie wicker grille…

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Angie the Comanche - my first G&L!

On my first-ever visit to the G&L factory in Fullerton, California, they shocked me by sending me home with this Comanche in shoreline gold (more on that color in a minute). I fell in love with Leo Fender's Z-coil pickups…

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2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul in Cobra Burst

I get asked about this guitar a LOT. It's a 2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul in Cobra Burst finish, bought used (in mint condition) as an extremely cool gift from my friend KC Porter. Some people are like 'Why a semi-hollow…

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